Sensory and Soft Playroom

Our soft play area is a perfect space to watch your little ones explore and grow in confidence, helping them to improve and start to step, climb, crawl, jump and roll without fear of being hurt. Soft play improves the cognitive, physical, social and emotional well-being of children and adults alike

We have also included a wide variety of sensory equipment in our room designed to improve visual and auditory skills, helping different brain areas absorb and retain information. You have the choice and can adapt our room to meet the needs of a child. We have weighted blankets, stress balls, specialised lighting, sensory panels and fidget toys that promote self-regulation skills helping to manage anxiety or stress. 

This space is not only amazing for children but for adults too, we have lots of parents who find it also helps them to refocus, learn new techniques, practice mindfulness and in turn reduce the worries and anxieties that can face parents and carers.

Did you know that when you book to use our sensory and soft playroom, you are also helping us become more self sufficient to maintain meeting the needs of other parents and carers in our area?

All our sessions are 1 hour long and for every child that is booked in, an adult will get free entry. If there is more than one adult then you would need to book 2 child spaces.

No cancellations or transferring.

Payments can only be made via PayPal.

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